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Olga is a bright personality, widely discussed in the press and media. All her articles and publications are in great demand, and Olga’s personal advice on the Internet has never been pass unnoticed.

Founder and head stylist of the TV project “Before and after. New Life ”, which was founded in 2015. In the spring of 2018, she opened her Style School, where she teaches women the basics of style and lays the foundation for understanding what a modern woman should look like.

In the summer of 2018, an interview with Olga, with a title “The Mistress of Style”, was published by the famous magazine L'Officiel. Olga Bykova, a stylist, is popular not only among Estonian residents, but also among women from other parts of our planet, with clients from England, Italy, France, Kazakhstan, Russia and Belarus. Olga also collects groups of girls for shopping tours to cities such as Milan, Barcelona and New York.

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"Very beautiful! A bright, turned out to be a modern woman, you will not pass by this without noticing. The hairstyle is superb! ”

Julia Tervin

Julia Tervin

This is a real transformation! ❤️Thank you for your work! ❤️This is awesome! 👍 Judging by the photos on Instagram, all stylists work only with XS 90-60-90 clients 🤗



Olga, you are great! How do these women change on the project😍, I also need it)!

07 Delux

07 Delux

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The reality show involves a radical change in the characters and participants with the help of hairdressers, cosmetologists, makeup artists, massage therapists, stylists, dentists and trainers. First, a psychologist will work with the participant. The transformation will take from two to three weeks, or even more.

Projekti lühikirjeldus: Independent style OÜ missiooniks on olla oma kliendi parim ja usaldusväärseim partner, pakkudes personaalset stiili- ja moekoolitust ning jagades teadmisi selle kohta, kuidas näeb välja tänapäevane naine.

Projekti eesmärgiks lustada stiili ja moekoolituste ja muude sellega kaasnevate teenuste pakkumisega, suurendada kliendibaasi ning soetada online-koolituste läbiviimiseks vajalik tehnika ja viia ellu turundustegevusi.

Projekti tulemusena ostetud tehnika, viidud ellu turundustegevused, 2 aastaga loodud vähemalt 2 töökohta ning saavutatud planeeritud majandusnäitajad.

Projekti kaasrahastab Euroopa Regionaalarengu Fond. Toetuse summa on 15000 eurot.

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