Онлайн школа стиля Ольги Быковой для вас, если:

— вы считаете, что ваш гардероб устарел;
— you have nothing to wear;
— you choose the wrong things every time, and then they hang in the closet "idle" or are put on only once;
— you believe that in our stores there is no choice, and for you, there is definitely nothing in them;
— you do not know how to dress so as to hide the flaws and emphasize the merits correctly;
— you want to find out your style and learn to understand what is right for you;
— you want to learn how to combine colors and prints;
— your wardrobe is dominated by black and gray colors;
— you want to look younger;
— you want to know everything about the basic wardrobe and make your own;
— you want to save money on shopping;
— you think that accessories are not so important, or you do not know which to choose;
— you are not satisfied with your hair color, and you want to find the suitable one;
— you can not stand shopping and spend a lot of time, and the result is zero;
— you do not know, or doubt how to dress "to the occasion" and be "on top";
— you want to change your life, want to be noticed and appreciated at work, in your family or anywhere else.

This course includes the following lessons:

1. How to learn to combine colors and shades. Part 1.
2. How to learn to combine colors and shades. Part 2
3. Various hair coloring techniques. What is right for you.
4. How to use colors in your outfit.
5. Which cut and style of clothing fits exactly your figure.
6. How to create your own modern base capsule and learn how to wear casual clothes with style.
7. Learn how to choose the right accessories and which ones you need.
8. "40 items of an everyday basic modern closet."
9. “They don’t wear it anymore."
10. The final practice in the store/shop.
11. Bonus lesson. How to put your body in shape. Nutrition coaching.
12. Bonus lesson. How to properly care for your skin.

Extra packages:

Express group training;
Training for a stylist.

Projekti lühikirjeldus: Independent style OÜ missiooniks on olla oma kliendi parim ja usaldusväärseim partner, pakkudes personaalset stiili- ja moekoolitust ning jagades teadmisi selle kohta, kuidas näeb välja tänapäevane naine.

Projekti eesmärgiks lustada stiili ja moekoolituste ja muude sellega kaasnevate teenuste pakkumisega, suurendada kliendibaasi ning soetada online-koolituste läbiviimiseks vajalik tehnika ja viia ellu turundustegevusi.

Projekti tulemusena ostetud tehnika, viidud ellu turundustegevused, 2 aastaga loodud vähemalt 2 töökohta ning saavutatud planeeritud majandusnäitajad.

Projekti kaasrahastab Euroopa Regionaalarengu Fond. Toetuse summa on 15000 eurot.

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