Changing your style is easy!

Are you ready to improve the quality of your life? After all, the way we look is often directly related to our success in many areas of life!
Say NO to unnecessary purchases, numerous blouses that you do not know how to wear and leave them hanging meaninglessly in your closet.
You no longer need to go shopping and spend your personal time searching for the things you need, getting nervous and convincing yourself that there’s nothing for you in the store! Oh, how often do I hear that! I will save you from tedious searches and find the best for you, saving your money, time and nerves!

  • 2 to 3 hours of personal shopping
  • Fixed style for special events
  • All items of clothing will combine with each other.
  • Selection of full-fledged outfits, based on the individual characteristics of an individual.
  • Carefully selected accessories for a unique style
  • "Wardrobe capsule"
  • Outfit for business trips
  • Outfit for vacation

Personal shopping with Olga Bykova costs 50 euros per hour. Two hours of individual shopping with me - 100 euros. 


  • Nadezhda Kleptsova
    Posted 10/09/2019 18:47 0Likes

    Ольга, добрый день. Когда-то в детстве мы поедали вместе m&m , а котенок от вашей кошки поселился у нас.
    Пишу с вопросом. Мне нужно пересмотреть гардероб и докупить кое -какие вещи. Когда это реально сделать?

    • Olga Bykova
      Posted 24/09/2019 09:49 0Likes

      Добрый день! Пожалуйста напишите мне на мэйл и мы с вами обо всем договоримся. Не забудьте оставить ваш контактный номер телефона)

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